Films by African Youth

Films by African Youth

7th Edition of the Luxor African Film Festival 

10 – 22 March 2018

Films by African Youth (FAY) is a 10-day hands-on film training program, committed to enable young talented African filmmakers who have a voice, find ways to create high quality productions in low budget situations. 

FAY is lead by professional filmmakers working at top levels within the African film industry. They will not only act as teachers but as mentors and role models to the young generations who want to express issues that matter to them but might be feeling limited for lack of support and funds and mentorship. 

The workshop will provide basic introductory coursework that is critical to the craft of storytelling. A great emphasis is put on the idea of developing a culture of creating innovative cinema as a counter to imitative cinema. It stresses the value of cultural identity in the future transformation of African cinema. 

Furthermore, the workshop deals with critical aspect of empowering the young filmmaker from his or her collective experiential culture. 

The selected participants will receive guided instruction and collaboratively, each will create a short film. All equipment and technical support will be provided by LAFF. Certain prompts will be given during the FAY workshop to ensure practicality and to avid any potential production disturbances. As an example; a few select locations throughout Luxor will be granted with permits for applicants to have production access for their shooting. All completed projects will be showcased at the LAFF 2018 Closing Ceremony. 

LAFF will sign contracts with the accepted applicants to hold the rights of the films produced during the workshops. Therefor the films will remain property of LAFF and its Etisal Fund. Participants are eligible to receive a copy of their film work once the required contracts are delivered. 

LAFF will handle the two-way travel and accommodation for the accepted applications. Applicants are required to attend all scheduled field trips, lectures and film screenings. Absence and lateness will not be accepted. Any violation to attendance may result in termination of applicant from the workshop. The applicant’s accommodation will be cancelled and his flight ticket will be rescheduled.

The overall selection process is based more on demonstrated passion, experience and the ideas the applicants present.  Chosen applicants will be provided with more information, follow up instruction and rules.


Priority is given to applicants who are students and/or graduates from any accredited school and/or institute of cinema, and/or independent filmmakers.

Each applicant must… 

be of African origin residing in an African country

understand the English language

be between the ages of 18-27 years of age 

have at least 1 COMPLETE short film work 


All requirements must be submitted by the deadline on January 10, 2018. Failure to do so will disqualify you and your application will not be considered. All requirements listed below are submitted in the actual workshop application

Each applicant must…

complete the workshop application 

submit a one-page synopsis to a (2-5 min) film that will be created at the FAY workshop in Luxor

submit an online link to your previous film work

For any questions or to follow up on your application contact us via email at:

Applying for workshop is closed as deadline reached

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