Official Selection out of the Competition

Poisonous Roses

Poisonous Roses

  • Section :Official Selection out of the Competition
  • Country :Egypt, UAE, France
  • Production Year :2018
  • Duration: 70 min

    Cinematography: Maged Nader

    Screenplay: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh 

    Editing: Qutaiba Berhamji, Menna El Shishini, Nadia ben Rachid

    Cast: Mahmoud Hemida, Koky, Ibrahim El Nagary


    Synopsis: Set in the confines of an impoverished Cairo neighborhood, a community’s everyday life is threatened by the ruthless rhythms of Tanneries, rotary driers crushing animal skin, hazards of poisonous wastewater, Taheya desperately clings to her brother, Saqr, whose only dream is to escape.

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