Freedom Films

The Mercy of the Jungle

The Mercy of the Jungle

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :Rwanda/France/Belgium
  • Production Year :2018
  • Duration: 90 min

    Cinematography: Joachim Philippe

    Screenplay: Joël Karekezi, Casey Schroen

    Editing: Antoine Donnet

    Cast: Marc Zinga, Stéphane Bak


    Synopsis: At the outbreak of the Second Congo War, Sergeant Xavier is sent into the vicious depths of the Congolese River Basin to hunt down those who perpetrated genocide in his native Rwanda four years ago. When he and a young private are accidentally left behind in the jungle, their bid for retribution turns into a struggle for pure survival. With only each other to count on, they embark on an odyssey across the most violent forest on earth, facing the depths of their own war-torn souls and the spiritual consequences of saving and taking lives.

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