Freedom Films

Home Of The Rivers

Home Of The Rivers

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :Syria
  • Production Year :2018
  • Duration: 76 min

    Cinematography: Maya Mounayer

    Screenplay: Maya Mounayer

    Editing: Maya Mounayer

    Synopsis: The religious Salam Zuheiry endures a second war in Syria, which becomes his inspiration to return to the art of sculpture that he abandoned more than thirteen years ago. He slowly overcomes the religious man/ artist dilemma, and sculpts “the scream”, his scream to stop all this death and shattering. The film takes place in Jermana (Damascus suburb). The movie starts with the legend of the Mesopotamian flood, projecting it to the current Middle-East wars; through the Zuheiry family the issues of identity and trace are questioned, as well as life recuperation after total destruction, In a hosting country that has itself become a subject to this new age highest ratio of immigration.

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