2020 Edition

Nafi’s Father

Nafi’s Father

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Senegal

Production Year: 2019

Duration: 108 minutes

Director: Mamadou Dia

Producer: Mamadou Dia, Maba Ba, Mohamed Julien Ndao

Screenplay: Mamadou Dia

Cinematography: Sheldon Chau

Editor: Alan Wu

Cast: Alassane Sy, Aïcha Talla, Penda Daly Sy, Saïkou Lo

Synopsis: Tokara wants to marry his cousin, the beautiful Nafi, bringing their fathers into conflict with one another. The youngest brother is a clergyman, while the other is a candidate for Mayor of the small town in Senegal. The struggle seems to be all about the children, but gradually it transpires that the children are pawns in a bitter dispute. Can their family ties help them overcome these ideological differences?