2020 Edition



Section: Long Narrative

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2020

Duration: 105 minutes

Director: Ahmed Rashwan

Producer: Khaled Khattab

Screenplay: Ahmed Rashwan

Cinematography: Mahmoud Lotfi

Editor: Gehan Moushir

Cast: Hanan Motawie, Rania Shahin, Fatma Adel, Amr Gamal, Khaled Khattab, Hanan Yousef, Assem Nagaty, Mohamed Radwan, Mohamed Abdel Fattah

Synopsis: Nancy, a Coptic woman in her 30s has three days left, before she migrates to Canada, to bid farewell to friends, places and the city of Cairo which she loves. She also needs to break away from everything that is still unresolved. How will she deal with all those issues in just three days?