2015 Edition's Marianne Khoury

Marianne Khoury

Marianne Khoury

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Director-Producer


    A Cairo-based filmmaker, she has been a close collaborator of iconic filmmaker Youssef Chahine for more than three decades. Khoury then directed her first documentary film, The Times of Laura in 1999 that was followed by Women Who Loved Cinema in 2002. Her latest project Shadows (2010) focused on individual and societal perceptions of the mentally ill. It received critical acclaim and was an official entry at the Venice Film Festival 2010, a winner of FIPRESCI Award at at Dubai Film Festival of the same year, and RAI Broadcasting Award at PRIMED 2011. Captivated by ‘auteur cinema’, she has been producing independent films that go against the grain of Egyptian cinematic themes. Founder of the Panorama of European Film in 2004, her current project, Misr Film Focus, is dedicated to the development and production of films made by emerging Egyptian talents.

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