2015 Edition's Dora Bouchoucha

Dora Bouchoucha

Dora Bouchoucha

  • Section :Long Documentary
  • Film Producer


    An English Literature graduate, she became a film producer since 1994 making Tunisian and foreign films that were often selected in renowned festivals like Venice, Cannes and Berlin. Among them, Sabria by Abderrahmen Sissako, Season of Men by Moufida Tlatli, Baraket by Jamila Sahraoui and Satin Rouge by Raja Amari. Bouchoucha also created workshop associated with Carthage Film Festival (JCC) in 1992 and the Script Development Workshop Sud Ecriture in 1997. She has also served for more than ten years at CineMart  of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), a consultant at Venice Film Festival for Arab and African films (2007-2011) and the director of JCC (2008-2010 and 2014).

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