2015 Edition's Long Documentary

Examen d'Etat

Examen d'Etat

  • Section :Long Documentary
  • Country :Congo
  • Production Year :2014
  • Runtime: 92 Minutes

    Director: Dieudo Hamadi

    Screenwriter: Dieudo Hamadi

    Cinematography: Dieudo Hamadi

    Editor: Rodolphe Molla

    Print: julie@agatfilms.com

    Synopsis: A group of young Congolese high school students are about to sit the exam for their National Diploma, the equivalent of the French baccalaureate, in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo. We see them as they prepare for the exam, from the benches of the school that they are regularly ejected from because they haven’t paid the «teachers’ fees» to the “maquis” (a communal house) where they gather to revise.

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