2015 Edition's Freedom Films

The Bloody Miracle

The Bloody Miracle

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :South Africa
  • Production Year :2014
  • Runtime: 94 Minutes

    Directors: Meg Rickards, Bert Haitsma

    Screenwriters: Meg Rickards, Bert Haitsma

    Cinematographer: Bert Haitsma

    Editor: Meg Rickards

    Print Source: paul.egan@uct.ac.za

    Synopsis: As South Africa prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary of the advent of democracy in 1994, it is hard to believe the ‘Mandela miracle’ very nearly didn't happen. In an orgy of countrywide violence and intimidation, certain groups of people were intent on derailing the country’s first free elections which ended apartheid. At the time, South Africa was on the brink of catastrophe and civil war.

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