2015 Edition

Beti and Amare

Beti and Amare

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Ethiopia

Production Year: 2014

Runtime: 94 Minutes

Director: Andy Siege

Screenwriters: Andy Siege

Cinematographer: Andy Siege

Editor: Andy Siege

Music Composers: Alula Araya , Levin Karchner

Cast: Hiwot Asres, Pascal Dawson, Biniyam Kore

Print: andreas.siege@web.de

Synopsis: A science-fiction story set in 1936 Ethiopia where Beti, a young Ethiopian girl has escaped Mussolini's troops only to find refuge in the peaceful south of Ethiopia. As the Italians march gets closer, Beti has to battle hunger, thirst, and the unwelcomed sexual advances of the local militia. When the situation threatens to escalate towards the unthinkable, a spaceship cracks through the clouds.