2015 Edition's Long Documentary

Suffering is a School of Wisdom

Suffering is a School of Wisdom

  • Section :Long Documentary
  • Country :Benin
  • Production Year :2014
  • Runtime: 72 Minutes

    Director: Ariane Astrid Atodji

    Screenwriter: Ariane Astrid Atodji

    Cinematography: Jean-Baptiste Béis

    Editor: Lorenzo Mbiahou

    Print: florent@vraivrai-films.fr

    Synopsis: Since his arrival in Cameroon 40 years ago, my dad has never set foot in his native land Benin. What would have pushed him to leave without a trace, to abandon his family and the daughter he had in Benin exactly the year of his “exile” and that he never heard back? The reasons, I can no longer ignore them. What identity? What origin? It is not just the fact of going back to the sources, but to understand my story…

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