2014 Edition's Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz

Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz

Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz

  • Born in Wardian of Alexandria in 1946 , he earned a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Alexandria in 1966 , and a master's degree in Agricultural Sciences. Abdel-Aziz began his career in television , along with with Mahmoud Yassin and Nelly in the series " Whirlpool " directed by Nour al-Demerdash . His cinematic roles began in 1974 with the movie Grandchild then many romantic films followed during the seventies Until the End of Life , With My Love and Longing  , Enough, My Heart. In the eighties Abdel-Aziz played many acclaimed role in  Kit Kat , Sea Laughter , Shame , Tramps , The Innocent , The Addiction, Babyboll Night and Ibrahim al-Abyad. He has achieved success when he starred in three parts of the series Raafat al-Haggan , and the series Bab al-Khalk

    Selected Filmography

    Grandson (1974)

    Enough, My Heart (1977)

    Youth Dance Over the Fire (1978)

    Shafika pand Metwally (1978)

    Life has assed My Son (1978) .

    Wild Woman(1979)

    The Investigation Is Still Ongoing (1978)

    Sign meaning error (1980)

    Execution of a Secondary School Students\ (1982)

    Shame (1982)

    Wekalet al-Balah (1982)

    Bribed Gentlemen (1983)

    Poor Who Cannot Go to Paradise (1984) .

    Tramps (1985) 

    The Addiction (1985)

    The Innocent (1986)

    The Hunger (1986)

    Sons and Killers (1987)

    Monsters Run (1987)

    Dear, We Are All Thieves (1989)

    Al-Kit-Kat (1991)

    The World of Abdel-Gabbar (1992)

    The Visit of Mr. President (1995)

    Sea Laughter (1995) 

    The Magician (2001)

    Suspicious Trip (2002)

    Babydoll Night (2008)

    Ibrahim al-Abyad (2009)

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