2014 Edition's Official Selection out of the Competition

Pygmées de Centrafrique

Pygmées de Centrafrique

  • Section :Official Selection out of the Competition
  • Country :Central Africa
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 30 Minutes

    Director: Dieudonné Keté

    Screenwriter: Dieudonné Keté

    Cinematographer: Dieudonné Keté

    Editor: Dieudonné Keté

    Print Source: cinecom_laroche@yahoo.fr

    Synopsis: In Central Africa, the Pygmies have lived happily in the great equatorial forest.  The most were indifferent to the civilizations of Europe and Africa and continued to live as in the past. But during the last fifty years, logging companies and deforestation forced the pygmies out of the forest, making them facing discrimination and various diseases.

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