2014 Edition

The Kampala Story

The Kampala Story

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Uganda

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Directors: Kasper Bisgaard & Donald Mugisha

Screenwriter: Kasper Bisgaard & Donald Mugisha

Cinematographers: Ireeta Alex & Kasper Bisgaard

Editors: Donald Mugisha & James Taylor

Cast: Apio Mary Resty & Olem “Lot” Bonny, 

Print Source: kbisgaard@rocketmail.com

Synopsis: In a Ugandan remote village, fourteen years-old Apio and her mother are supported by the father who sends money from Kampala. But when he suddenly stops doing so, Apio has to travel to Kampala to find him, a journey that will change her forever…