2014 Edition

Tall as the Baobab Tree

Tall as the Baobab Tree

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Senegal

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 82 Minutes

Director: Jeremy Teicher

Screenwriters: Jeremy Teicher & Alexi Pappas

Cinematographer: Chris Collins

Editor: Sofi Marshall

Music Composer: Jay Wadley

Cast: Alpha Dia, Cheikh Dia, Mboural Dia, Mouhamed Diallo & Dior Ka

Print Source: al@visitfilms.com

Synopsis: Leaving their family's remote African village where meals are prepared over open fires and water is drawn from wells, Coumba and her little sister Debo are the first to attend school in the bustling city. But when an accident suddenly threatens their family's survival, the father decides to give away the eleven year-old Debo into an arranged marriage. Torn between loyalty to her heritage and her dreams for the future, Coumba hatches a secret plan to rescue her young sister from a fate she did not choose.