2014 Edition's Long Narrative



  • Section :Long Narrative
  • Country :Guinea-Bissau
  • Production Year :2013
  • Runtime: 115 Minutes

    Director: Sana Na N'Hada

    Screenwriter: Sana Na N'Hada

    Cinematographer: Leonardo Sim?es

    Editor: V?tor Alves

    Music Composer: Zé Manel

    Cast: Rubilson Velho Delcano, Beti Moreira Vaz, Rui Manuel da Costa, Isabel N'Fanda M'Bali & Lu?s Morgado

    Print Source: lxfilmes@lxfilmes.com

    Synopsis: The inhabitants of the Bissagos archipelago, located in the west coast of Africa, used to live according to ancient traditions in absolute respect for nature. Suddenly, a gang of drug dealers occupy their sacred islands, the medicine man dies and everything seems lost, until his young successor decides to fight the invaders to save the island.

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