2014 Edition

Angola Ano Zero

Angola Ano Zero

Section: Long Documentary

Country: Angola

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 62 Minutes

Director: Ever Miranda

Screenwriter: Ever Miranda

Cinematographer: Ngoy Salucombo

Editor: Ever Miranda

Music Composer: Frank Delgado

Print Source: eneasever@gmail.com

Synopsis: After 30 years of civil war, Angola has one goal: to rebuild itself and occupy a central place in the world. Scattered across several countries, graduates Angolans are encouraged to return home where their country is being reinvented from different influences: the struggle of those who cling to the past and the modernity of this diaspora that has assimilated other models of society. Lisa, Pedro Antonio, Octavio De Miguel and Luaty, all came back with new concepts mainly acquired from the West.