2014 Edition's Freedom Films

Lune Rouge

Lune Rouge

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :Morocco
  • Production Year :2013
  • Runtime: 116 Minutes

    Director: Hassan Benjelloun

    Screenwriter: Bachir Qermane

    Cinematographer: Ali Benjelloun

    Editor: Kahena Attia

    Music Composer: Fatah Ngadi

    Print Source: bentaqerla@gmail.com

    Synopsis: Abdeslam, a blind from a poor family, has academic success. His classmate Zahra, although she never shared his passion, was the exclusive inspiration of his work. In the late 50s, the young prodigy managed to write, compose and perform his own first song. His journey to Cairo, with his companions was a rewarding experience full of surprises.

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