2014 Edition

Ali’ens: Somalis in Transit

Ali’ens: Somalis in Transit

Section: Long Documentary

Country: Somalia | Spain

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Director: Paula Palacios

Screenwriter: Paula Palacios

Cinematographer: Paula Palacios

Editor: Paula Palacios

Music Composer: AFM

Print Source: palaciosfilms@gmail.com

Synopsis: This is the story of a fifteen year-old called Ali and his sixteen year-old friend Younis who both fled the conflicts in their homeland Somalia. Having seen their fathers die and leaving their mothers and brothers behind, they were hoping to get a better life in Europe, but ended up in an Ukrainian migrant detention center, which had been built with European Union funds. Despite having paid ten thousand  dollars and been caught by the border guards twice, Ali and Younis do not lose hope in reaching a better life. They will try to cross the border once more, even if that means being separated and not able to see each other again.