2012 Edition's Amr Waked

Amr Waked

Amr Waked

  • Section :Short Films
  • Egypt

    Waked was born in 12 April 1973, studied Economics and Political Science in the American University in Cairo where he joined the university theatre team, his first role was in the film Gannet Al-Shayatein (Devil’s Paradise) in 1999 directed by Osama Fawzi, later his stardom began with the film Ashab wala Biznes (Friends or Business Partners) in 2001 directed by Ali Idris. In 2003, Waked won best actor in supporting role in the film Deil Al-Samaka (Fish Tail) in Alexandria Film Festival.

    On the international level, Waked participated in the film Syriana with Hollywood star George Clooney, directed by Stephen Gaghan in 2005, as well as a TV series House of Saddam in 2008 and the film The Father and the Foreigner directed by Ricky Tognazzi in 2010 in which Waked received best actor award from Cairo International Film Festival shared with Italian actor Alessandro Gassman.

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