2012 Edition

Sayed Fouad

Finally! A festival of African Cinema on the land of Egypt and particularly in the city of Luxor...

An old dream of generations of Egyptian filmmakers have come true as a fruit of the glorious revolution of January 25 … It is a dream with a humanistic case, cultural and artistic … A case filled with love and nostalgia for the black continent to which we longed over the years due to a failed political system that plunged our country into a quagmire of corruption and dictatorship, drifting Egypt away from its maternal continent…

Yes, now we say that we are in need of the warmth of our great continent as much as it needs and longs for us… So, welcome to a contest that leads to integration.

Welcome to Egypt of freedom, and welcome for Egypt in the arms of Africa, the land of diversity, culture and wealth.

From the generation of the realized dream

Sayed Fouad

Festival President

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