2012 Edition

Our Beloved Sudan

Our Beloved Sudan

Section: Long Films

Country: Sudan

Production Year: 2010

Runtime: 92 min

Director: Taghreed Elsanhouri

Screenwriter: Taghreed Elsanhouri

Cinematography: Yasar Aldesouqi

Editor: Mohamad Mustapha

Synopsis: The film takes us in the historical trajectory of a nation since its birth in 1956 till its transmutation in two separate states in 2011, however, the film combines a public and private story. It invites political figures to instinctively relate with the historical trajectory of the film while observing an ordinary mixed race family caught across the divides of big historical moments as they try to make sense of it and live through it. Finally, the film raised the question of how we got to the point where parting is a must and how to make peace with this fact.