2012 Edition

The Cry of the Dove

The Cry of the Dove

Section: Short Films

Country: Niger, France

Production Year: 2010

Runtime: 59 minutes

Director: Sani Elhadj Magori

Screenwriter: Sani Elhadj Magori

Cinematography: Jean-François Hautin

Editor: Guillaume Favreau

Synopsis: Zabaya Hussey, is a famous singer in the 70’s who was well known for her influential role in encouraging the young youth to work in the countries of west Africa and make fortunes to come back to cultivate their lands in the country. It was told, that in one of the raining seasons Hussey sang, the next day all the men of the village travelled. The director narrates the story of his father who travelled to Abidjan the capital of Côte d’Ivoire 15 years ago, and refused to come back home to his family. However, the family was badly affected by their father’s departure, they decided to ask his favourite singer Hussey to write him a song to persuade him to come back to his family. The film is a long cinematic journey with the famous singer to Côte d’Ivoire, where she will sing to the director›s father and other men from Niger for their return.