2012 Edition's Long Films

Soul Boy

Soul Boy

  • Section :Long Films
  • Country :Kenya, Germany
  • Production Year :2010
  • Runtime: 61 min

    Director: Hawa Essuman

    Screenwriter: Billy Kahora

    Cinematography: Christian Almesberger

    Editor: Ng’ehte Gitungo

    Producer: Marie Steinmann,Tom Tykwer

    Synopsis: Abila is a 14 year-old boy lives with his parents in Kibera, one of the largest slums in East Africa. One morning the teenager discovers his father illness, someone has stolen his soul. Abila is shocked and confused but wants to help his father and goes in search of a suitable cure. Supported by his friend Shikus who is the same age as him, however, he learns that his father has gambled his soul away in the company of a spiritual woman. The teenager doesn’t want to believe it and sets about looking for the witch. When he finally discovers her in the darkest corner of the ghetto, she gives him seven challenging task to save his father’s lost soul. Abila embarks on an adventurous journey which leads him right through of his home town.

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