2021 Edition

Al Hadi Al Siddiq

Al Hadi Al Siddiq




Al Hadi Al Siddiq was born in 1948. Al Siddiq began his acting career in 1965 at the age of 17. The peak of Al Siddiq’s stardom was in the seventies and eighties in some of the largest and most popular Sudanese drama shows such as Dahabiya, Terrible Night, Hands of Destiny and A Scream in the Valley of Silence. Dakin, which first aired in 1997, is one of his most popular shows and continues to air on Sudanese screens until today. It was rescreened on Sudan TV and some African channels in the year 2017, a series that drew its events from the reality of Sudanese life and enjoyed wide viewing.

The 72-year-old began his artistic career in 1965, at the age of seventeen, and he managed to hone himself very quickly. Seddik learned of the diversity of his roles and his strong contributions in directing several television and radio works.