2021 Edition

Two Good Hearts, Till Death Do Us Part

Two Good Hearts, Till Death Do Us Part

Section: Long Documentaires​

Country: Zimbabwe

Production Year: 2020

Duration: 60 minutes

Director: Thomas Muziyirwa

Screenplay: Tinotenda Mapfumo 

Cinematography: Thomas Muziyirwa

Editor: Thomas Muziyirwa

Synopsis: In a world where people are constantly chasing after wealth and establishment of names; in a highly economically struggling nation where selfishness and greed have become the norm, Zimbabwean identical twins Everson and Everlet Nyamhere have turned a blind eye to this order of life and instead have resorted to a simple life of sharing the little at hand with the highly impoverished within the community. Their mission is to bring change in people’s lives. However, a tragic death separates them as Everlet is struck by lightning.