Recommendations of the meeting of 16 representatives from festivals of 13 countries

Recommendations of the meeting of 16 representatives from festivals of 13 countries

Recommendations of the meeting of 16 representatives from festivals of 13 countries at Luxor African film Festival

The creation of a united entity for African festivals and a mobile market for African films are the most important recommendations

Managers and representatives from 16 African festivals from 13 countries met today for more than three hours on the sidelines of Luxor African film festival to discuss African cinema issues and the prospects of joint cooperation between the festivals, the meeting came out of those discussions with a number of recommendations as follows:

First, establishing a united structure for the African festivals that would strengthen and link African databases and develop a network of African cinematic relations to build on the strong vitae of each festival, encourage and urge televisions in the region to show African films and provide translations for African films in the official languages of the continent.

Second: The settlement of an award from The Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (Fédération Panafricaine des Cinéastes) (fepaci) with film festivals in Africa

Third: the establishment of a mobile African film market.

16 responsibles attended the meeting and participated in the development of recommendations , Mrs. Wafa Barkady director of the Casablanca International students Film Festival , Mr. Seigo Tono the Director of Short Shorts Japanese Festival , Mr. Graves representing the festival FESPACO from Burkina Faso, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Salem director of Nouakchott Short & documentary Film Festival in Mauritania , and Mr. Ayoub al-Baghdadi Director of Martel Maghreb & Spain Festival in Morocco, Mr. Talal Afifi director of Sudan independent film festival , Mr. Mahmood Aljimni manager of Gabes Arab film Festival in Tunis , critic Mehrez ElKarawy representative of the African film criticism confederal , Henriette Dubarc director of Henry Dubarc cultural Foundation and director of the Abidjan Festival , Mr. lyounis Njaboh , director of cinema and Television Festival in Burundi, Mr. Riga Raherndranto a representative of the festival Ravinala in Madagascar , Mrs Dayma Mondi Johnson, director of cinema at the Ministry of culture in Ivory Coast , Mr. Abdelnour Zahzah representative of a federal African filmmakers , director Azza al-Husseini, director of Luxor African Film Festival and Yasuo Tanaka another representative of the Japanese Short shorts Festival.