Open discussion for the book, 50 years of African cinema

Open discussion for the book, 50 years of African cinema

With the presence of the author, an open discussion for the book ( 50 years of African cinema, a plural Singularity ) written by journalist Catherine Ruelle took place at the luxor public library. Mrs Azza El Hosseiny, director of LAFF and The translator Soheir Fahmy attended the discussion led by the critic Hala El Mawy.

The director Azza El Hosseiny expressed her deep impression for having this book printed during this edition of LAFF despite all the problems and the lack of fund LAFF faces lately. The book – added Azza – is a very important document of the African cinema history, full of details and information.

The French writer Catherine Ruelle said that she has a very good connections with all the African filmmakers because of her job previously as editor in several politic and cinematic Radio programs. And she discovered that the African cinema is always connected and influenced by the politics in the black continent. This vision became clearer after her marriage to an Algerian filmmaker.

Ruelle added that every article and research written by filmmakers or critics about the African cinema was included in her book to get a wide angle view on the African cinema through their life experiences. The book was first published in its French edition during the FESPACO festival celebrating 50 years of African cinema by that time, also the beginnings of many new liberated African countries cinematic experiments.

The translator Soheir Fahmy talked about the very fruitful experience she got while translating this interesting and important book that shows a realistic image of the African Cinema. She also thanked the Luxor African film festival that enriched our culture by presenting this rich and wide world of the African cinema through the experience of African Filmmakers and cinema Critic in Africa.

Soheir added that the book is an important addition to enrich the Arabic library, specially that the choice of Articles and researches was very clever and present the variety and plurality of the African cinema filmmaker life experiences