LAFF2017 Honors the Moroccan Cinema

LAFF2017 Honors the Moroccan Cinema

During the 6th edition’s activities, LAFF organized a seminar on the Moroccan cinema. The big Moroccan star Mohamed Miftah , the Moroccan critic Elkhalil Damoun & the young Moroccan filmmaker Ezz ElArab El Alawy attended the seminar which was led by the Egyptian critic Ramy AbdelRazek.

The festival president the senarist Sayed Fouad and the filmmaker Azza El Hosseiny also attended the seminar that discussed many of the problem and troubles that face the cinema industry in Morocco, beside the difference and the resemblance points with the Egyptian cinema industry.

Sayed Fouad accented on the choice of the Moroccan cinema to be honored in this edition because of the big progress that occurred in the last years, and the big production in the Moroccan cinema industry. Beside its big contribution in the international cinema and its presence in several international festival.

The director of the festival Azza El Hosseiny stressed on the fact that both the Egyptian and the Moroccan cinema face same kind of problems during the production and the distribution process. She also spoke about the coproduction projects that must increase in the next years to solve financial problems that slow down several major project.

The Moroccan artist Mohamed Miftah addressed a speech to thank LAFF for his interest in presenting the Moroccan cinema to its audience in the African continent.