LAFF signs a cooperation protocol with Carthage Film Festival

LAFF signs a cooperation protocol with Carthage Film Festival

LAFF signs a cooperation protocol with Carthage Film Festival

Carthage Festival will host 10 students from Luxor African Film Festival.

a short while ago , Luxor African Film Festival signed a cooperation protocol with the Festival of Carthage during the press conference held in Winter Palace Hotel within the activities of the Fifth edition LAFF. Mr. Fouad head of Luxor African Film Festival said that the protocol is the first step of cooperation between both festivals, pointing out that the festival is working on a partnership with the Carthage since last year, where we decided to honor 10 films that obtained the Golden Tanit from Carthage Festival at the fifth edition currently held in Luxor.

Azza al-Husseini Luxor African Film Festival Director welcomed Ibrahim Lotayef, head of the Carthage Festival, expressing her delight in sharing experiences with the Carthage Festival.

Form his part, Ibrahim Lotayef said his visit to Luxor Festival was very fruitful because there is a true will from both parties to achieve communication between both festivals, stressing that the final winner of this protocol is the Arab public and African cinema.

the Tunisian critic Mehrez El Karawy expressed his happiness that the consultation meetings resulted in the signing of this principle agreement, noting that African cinema is in dire need for such cooperation because it needs many years to re-rise specially while facing many problems as the promotion of African film and finding a window in the satellite TV channel for the African movie.

Mr. Farouk Abdul Khaliq the film critic and secretary-general of young independent artists foundation said that Carthage Festival and LAFF have made many achievements on the ground, but the African cinema generally is facing a problem of Abstention of the public but for these festivals were African film industry facing a big problem, especially in light of the phenomenon of the closure of movie theater in Egypt and Tunisia, which puts on a serious question : what next ?!

The Protocol ensure a range of items: firstly honoring director Youssef Chahine next year in the 50th memory of Carthage Film Festival. Ibrahim Lotayef said that Yousef chahine is the Son Carthage festival and won the Tanit Golden Award for the film "The choice", adding that he will restore Youssef Chahine’s movies theater and will organize, Luxor African film Festival will manage for its part, a photo exhibition of the most famous films of Youssef Chahine, taken by the directors of photography Mohammed Bakr and Hussein Bakr, and managed by their grandson Hussein Bakr.

Second: The Carthage Festival is to host 10 students from LAFF and the two parties will bear equally the cost of travel, while the Carthage Festival is committed to a full house expenses.

Third: During the next session of the Carthage festival, a special seminar to be arranged to honor LAFF and present his plan for the next five years.

Fourth: The Luxor Festival, within the next edition of Carthage Festival, will organize a workshop on the role of a plateau photographer in the cinema by Mr. Hussein Bakr.

Fifth, it was agreed that The Luxor Festival organizing a week of Tunisian cinema in Cairo in next September & Carthage Festival is to organize a week of the Egyptian cinema in Tunisia by the beginning of 2017.

Sixth: both Parties agree to search for a formula for cooperation between the two workshops and projects "supplement to support the post-production operations" of Carthage Film Festival & “Itisal Fund to support the production of short films” of the Luxor African Film festival