LAFF celebrates Mother's day

LAFF celebrates Mother's day

Luxor African Film Festival Honors Safe Faye, Nadia Rashad and the late Artist Sanaa Gamil name in Mothers’ day.

As usual every year, Luxor African Film Festival celebrates Mother's Day in a ceremony attended by the governor of Luxor Mohammed Badr, head of Luxor African Film Festival the writer Sayed Fouad and director Azza El-Housseini, director of the festival.

The ceremony was held in Luxor Cultural Palace and presented by young actress Yasmine Al-Hawari, who spoke about the importance of this day to fulfill love and gratitude to all moms. The ceremony began after a dancing tableau from the troupe “ibn el balad”, led by maestro Mohamed Hosni.

During the ceremony a number of ideal mothers in Luxor were honored, LAFF also honored the artist Nadia Rashad, the famous cartoonist Showikar Khalifa, the Senegalese filmmaker Safe Faye and the name of the late star Sanaa Gamil.

In a good gesture at the ceremony the presenter Yasmin Al-Hawari honored filmmaker Azza al-Housseiny - her mother- using the lyrics of the song of the late actress Soad Hosni words "Hey Mama"

After the ceremony, began the film "The Story of Sana" by Regina basally about late artist Sanaa Gamil who was honored and her husband, the writer Louis Grise received the trophy. The great thing that he appears in the film telling about his relationship with her and how that relationship grew in the marriage that last for more than 40 years