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    The Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) is one of ISF’s projects. It was the writer Sayed Fouad’s idea, as the African films are almost not screened in Egypt. Furthermore, Luxor hardly has any cultural or artistic events, and was therefore selected to de-centralize cultural or artistic events always oraginzed in Cairo and Alexandria.

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    Why Luxor City?

    Though Luxor is the largest open-air museum in the world it was lacking artistic festivals. Its geographical position - in the very heart of Upper Egypt and hence closer to the rest of the African continent - gives the historic city a unique advantage .

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    Board of Trustees

    Sayed Fouad El-Gennary

    President Sayed Fouad El-Gennary

    Azza El Hosseiny

    Treasurer Azza El Hosseiny

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    ETISAL’s mission is to provide to the needs of young African filmmakers in expressing freely their skills and talents through filmmaking and promote their work globally.

    African short films is a “life savior” of young filmmakers (Aged between 18-30 of both genders) who are marginalized in terms of production and distribution. Although young filmmakers rep...

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    le Festival du Film Africain de Louxor (LAFF) annonce un grand hommage au Cinéma Tunisien lors de la prochaine session à Louxor aura lieu au mois de Mars 2019. Cette annonce a été faite en présence de Sayed Fouad, président du festival, Mme Azza Hussieni, directrice et de Mme Lamia Guiga, directeur artistique des JCC.

    Une séance de travail a eu lieu entre la direction du Festival de Louxor et et Mme Chiraz Laatiri, Directrice générale du Centre Nationale du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel en...

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    Chronology of Egyptian cinema

    Chronology of Egyptian cinema

    The Fespaco, A Matter of State

    The Fespaco, A Matter of State

    Khaled Saleh ... originally confectioner

    Khaled Saleh ... originally confectioner

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Film Selection Committee ends on the three main film Competitions for the Seventh Edition

Film Selection Committee ends on the three main film Competitions for the Seventh Edition

Film Selection Committee ends on the three main film Competitions for the Seventh Edition

  • March 16 – 22

    The selection committees finish their task with selecting the films that will screen in LAFF’s three main competitions, the Long Narrative, the Long Documentary and the Freedom & Human Rights. 

    Following are the selected of films up to date: 

    Long Narratives Competition (2017)

    Keteke by Peter Sedufia (Ghana)

    Wallay by Berni Goldblat (Burkina Faso & France)

    Iperita by Mohamed Buzaku (Morocco)

    Five Fingers for Marseilles by Michael Matthews (South Africa)

    Hakkunde by Asurf Oluseyi (Nigeria)

    The Runaway by Mwangi Eric Maina (Kenya)

    T-Junction by Amil Shivji (Tanzania)

    A Seed of Memories by Alexandre SIBOMANA & Richard MUGWANEZA (Rwanda)

    Benzine by Sarra Abidi (Tunisia)

    Long Documentaries Competition (2017)

    New Moon by Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann (Kenya)

    Seour Courage by Latifa Doghri & Mr. Salem Trabelsi (Tunisia) 

    Mama Colonel by Dieudo Hamadi (Congo)

    Silent Cells by Mohamed Nabil (Morocco/ Germany)

    Waithira by Eva Munyiri (Kenya)

    Not in my Neighborhood by Kurt Orderson (South Africa)

    Iron Ladies of Liberia by Siatta Scott Johnson & Daniel Junge (Liberia/ USA)

    Silas by Hawa Essuman, Anjali Nayar (Kenya)

    Freedom & Human Rights International Competition (2017)

    Liyana by Aaron Kopp & Ms. Amanda Kopp (USA, Switzerland & Qatar)

    Punishment Island by Ombre Elettriche (Italy/ Uganda)

    Between 2 Shores: from Santo Domingo to Guadeloupe by Mariette Monpierre (France)

    Burkinabè Rising by Lara Lee Brazil/ Burkina Faso/ USA/ Bulgaria

    500 Years by Pamela Yates (Guatemala/ USA)

    Border by Apollin (Senegal)

    Tu Pug Imatuy by Arnel Barbarona (Philippines)

    La vie de Château by Modi Barry & Cédric Ido (France)

    Beauty and the Dogs by Kaouther Ben Hania & Khaled Walid Barsaoui (France)

    The Violet by Baqer Al Rubaie (Iraq)

    Le Cri Du Lambi by Vincent Toi (Canada)

    Off Path by Julie Jouve & Rida Belghiat (Algeria, France, & Reunion Island)

    The Bread and Smoke by Ibrahim Ramadhan (Iraq)

    Akarwa by Yuhi Amuli (Rwanda & Germany)

    In addition to the above film selections, we will announce the Short Films Competition, the National Student Film Competition and the Out of Competition film selections which include the Egyptian Panorama, Tribute Films, Spotlight on Rwanda and a few others, as well as other details on the parallel events taking place in our seventh edition of LAFF 2018.

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