ETISAL Film Fund announces its activities which take place within the Luxor African Film Festival

ETISAL Film Fund announces its activities which take place within the Luxor African Film Festival

Director Azza El Hosseiny, the director of ETISAL Film Fund and director of LAFF, announced the activities which will take place within the 9th edition of Luxor African Film Festival between 6 and 12 March 2020:

The low budget short film production workshop for African youth has opened its call for entries. This workshop aims to hone and develop the skills of young filmmakers from Africa through the production of 12 low budget short films by 18 participants from various African nations and Egypt. The shooting and editing of those films takes place in Luxor within 10 days, followed by a screening which takes place on the last day of the festival’s events.

Screenwriter Sayed Fouad, president of LAFF, stated that the workshop will continue to carry the name of its founder, the great Etheopean director “Haile Gerima”, honoring his role in the inception of the workshop and leading it for 6 continuous years, producing over 80 short films through it, the workshop is now led by professionals and instructors from Egypt.

ElHousseiny also stated that after the development of 6 feature documentaries last year through the STEP workshop, led by the director of DOX BOX, Jihan El Tahri. This year’s STEP Film Lab targets the development of 1st or 2nd fiction feature films for their directors, led by professionals in project development, the call for entry for both workshops is now open.

STEP (Space to Establish Partnerships) strives to live up to its slogan, by supporting young African filmmakers in the development of their projects and pushing them into the market, as well as promoting those works and aiding their production.

LAFF is receiving the submissions for both workshops from the start of January. The terms and conditions for participation and the submission forms are available on the festival’s website in Arabic, English and French

Submissions are open till the end of January 2020.

Luxor African Film Festival is organized by Independent Shabab Foundation, and under the support of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Governorate of Luxor and the Syndicate of Cinematic Professions.