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    The Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) is one of ISF’s projects. It was the writer Sayed Fouad’s idea, as the African films are almost not screened in Egypt. Furthermore, Luxor hardly has any cultural or artistic events, and was therefore selected to de-centralize cultural or artistic events always oraginzed in Cairo and Alexandria.

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    Why Luxor City?

    Though Luxor is the largest open-air museum in the world it was lacking artistic festivals. Its geographical position - in the very heart of Upper Egypt and hence closer to the rest of the African continent - gives the historic city a unique advantage .

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    ETISAL’s mission is to provide to the needs of young African filmmakers in expressing freely their skills and talents through filmmaking and promote their work globally.

    African short films is a “life savior” of young filmmakers (Aged between 18-30 of both genders) who are marginalized in terms of production and distribution. Although young filmmakers rep...

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    le Festival du Film Africain de Louxor (LAFF) annonce un grand hommage au Cinéma Tunisien lors de la prochaine session à Louxor aura lieu au mois de Mars 2019. Cette annonce a été faite en présence de Sayed Fouad, président du festival, Mme Azza Hussieni, directrice et de Mme Lamia Guiga, directeur artistique des JCC.

    Une séance de travail a eu lieu entre la direction du Festival de Louxor et et Mme Chiraz Laatiri, Directrice générale du Centre Nationale du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel en...

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    Chronology of Egyptian cinema

    Chronology of Egyptian cinema

    The Fespaco, A Matter of State

    The Fespaco, A Matter of State

    Khaled Saleh ... originally confectioner

    Khaled Saleh ... originally confectioner

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Danny Glover in front of the Luxor Temple Egyptian antiquities inspires my imagination and help the creativity

Danny Glover in front of the Luxor Temple   Egyptian antiquities inspires my imagination and help the creativity

Danny Glover in front of the Luxor Temple Egyptian antiquities inspires my imagination and help the creativity

  • Danny Glover in front of the Luxor Temple:

    "Egyptian antiquities inspires my imagination and help the creativity"

    "I finished filming in Bulgaria a film about the end of civilization and beyond this stage"

    During a press conference held by Luxor African film Festival in front of the Luxor Temple , the international star Danny Glover initiated several remarks by talking about his impression on his second visit to Luxor, saying:

    This my second visit to Luxor , Before the conference I wandered in the temple of Luxor that I consider as Symbol of creativity and imagination , the most important thing in Luxor African Film Festival that it brings together the north and the south of Africa and confirms that we are all Africans.

    The international star said that when he woke up today he was imagining his wife like a queen in front of Nile of Luxor, in a Pharaonic boat. “Imagination here is very fertile and the atmosphere gives human creativity.” he said

    He also talked about the movie, which he finished filming in Bulgaria before coming to Egypt in Luxor, saying: “events are about the end of civilization, through a group of people living in prison after this stage, the film is an action movie , and I got to a stage that I supposed to be where away from the Action, but I agreed because I liked the story of the movie.

    The famous star Danny Glover talked about Omar Sharif saying that he belong to a country with big cinema industry, he was a star since his first film Dr. Zhivago, and then he presented a set of important films. “A star of his size, you should be proud of him” Danny added

    After that Glover returned to his film, saying while filming his movie in Bulgaria , he met many Africans who have left their country because of certain events and this reminded him about the events of liberation of Africa. “ I remembered when I was a young man I have my thoughts about self-sufficiency, because my studies were about the economy and my practical political and social activity makes me always keen to think of redefining reality. And when I think of the political activity I recall the words of Gandhi, who said once "when we are the change."

    He also said,” it is not enough to build only for the future, but we have to maintain the history and heritage as our planet is fragile planet, and some conflicts and wars made us destroy a lot of our civilizations and our heritage. How we measure our humanity that is the question that always occupies my thinking. I was born at the end of World War, I was expecting it to be the end wars, but this did not happen it continued.”

    Then he talked about his wife, saying: 'My wife is from Brazil and I always conduct dialogue with her because her country is passing through conditions too tough economically, politically and citizens in the whole world is facing difficulties and we have to look to the future to change the world.”

    Mr. Fouad festival’s president, said in an intervention during the interview with Danny Glover:”I want to thank Danny Glover the man and the artist and ask him about the workshop of Haile Jerima which he attended by the third edition.

    Glover answerd : Haile Gerima is my friend, he is a clever filmmaker, he is always interested in the human being. Ethiopia is the only country that were not under occupation and Haile translates Ethiopian history in his movies very well, He also has a film about a young Ethiopian-American who returns to his country. In this film he discussed the concerns of the continent and humanity. In all his films raises a question about what is happening now ? He belongs to a school of filmmaking with a deep philosophical approach, it discusses topics about conscience and humanity.

    Glover also mentioned his last movie with the director Flora Gomes saying:” I remember two years ago when i partnered with director Flora Gomes , the film was carrying a fiction, though its budget was not huge , the film story was realistic and this is the charm of the cinema. Another film I presented was discussing the debts problem in the whole world with Abderrahman Sissako and this is the quality of films that I love.

    Replying a question concerning the idea of presenting a film about Egypt , or through the Egyptian producer or joint production, he answered: ”if there is a scenario was presented to me , I will agree, of course, and I like to present a film about Egypt , I d love to , I love to present a film about humanity with a universal subject.”

    Danny also commented about the Oscars and racism in his choices, he said: there is constant talk always within the film industry for apartheid, and there are stories about Asians or Latins or Africans who suffer from it, and sometimes it appears and frequented within the scenes, but no assurances about that or realities we can we touch.

    Danny Glover said that the cinema always present the French revolution and the American revolution that they are the symbol of democracy and freedom, while the Haitian revolution that occurred in 1791 is the first real triumph against slavery, and therefore filmmakers must not rely on financial support from their governments or from abroad for their films because governments have a lot to do, and external Financier poses a particular type of threads on funded films, but we must be aware of the individual community to express the problems that they suffer in their movies freely.

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