2022 Edition

No. 2, Talaat Harb Square

No. 2, Talaat Harb Square

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2021

Duration: 93 minutes

Director: Magdy Ahmed Ali

Screenplay: Henzada Fekry

Cast: Samir SAbri, Abeer Sabri

Synopsis: Four stories take place in a furnished apartment that we follow through the doorman and his family who live on top of the building in a miserable room. In the first story, a doctor tries to treat a figure with a political position. In the second story, Hassan meets in the 1970s with his old friend Nadim, who comes from Lebanon during its Civil War. The third story takes place at the beginning of the new millennium and the takeover of businessmen. As for the fourth story, it takes place before January 2011 when Sami returns under pressure from his family to sell the apartment and the whole building.