2020 Edition

The Way to Paradise

The Way to Paradise

Section: Diaspora

Country: Netherlands

Production Year: 2019

Duration: 100 minutes

Director: Wahid Sanouji

Producer: Wahid Sanouji

Screenplay: Wahid Sanouji, Jolanda Hagemans

Cinematographer: Artyom Zakharenko

Editor: Bert Rijkelijkhuizen

Cast: Aziz Akazim, Chems Eddine Amar, Mamoun Elyounoussi

Synopsis: Najib, a young Dutch-born to Moroccan parents, completed his bachelor of law the day where his oldest brother was arrested due to his involvement in criminal cases. Since then, his life has changed radically. Vulnerable and on the verge of depression, Najib met Brahim who proposed him an exit by guiding and accompanying him on the way to paradise.