2019 Edition

The Healer

The Healer

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Morocco

Production Year: 2018

Duration: 102 min

Cinematography: Luca Coassin

Screenplay: Mohamed Zineddaine, Olivier Bombarda

Editing: Elena Cabria

Cast: Fatima Attif, Mehdi El Arroubi, Ahmed El Moustafid, Nisrine Adam

Contact: ouarzazatefilm@gmail.com

Synopsis: 16-year old teenager Abdou lives on the outskirts of Khouribga, a mining town exploiting phosphates. He is helpful and caring, simple and down to earth, incapable of harm, and is anxious to regain the gift of human dignity through learning how to read and write. His adoptive mother Mbarka, a midwife and the neighborhood's healer, protects her privileged status with ways that the laws of obscurantism allow her