2017 Edition's Sarah Maldoror

Sarah Maldoror

Sarah Maldoror

  • Film director 


    Born 1938 as Sarah Ducados in Gers, France, she is the daughter of immigrants from Guadeloupe with African descents. Maldoror chose her artist's name in remembrance of LES CHANTS DE MALDOROR by Lautréamont. She studied theater then cinema in Moscow and created LES GRIOTS, the first African troupe in Paris. 

    A recipient of the French Order of Merit, she made over 30 films with focus on important themes from both Africa's history and present, seen from an African perspective.

    This filmography includes: MONAGAMBEE (1969), winner of Best Director Award at Carthage Film Festival; SAMBIZANGA (1972), winner of Golden Tanit at Carthage Film Festival; GUYANE (1994), winner of Critics’ Prize at Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) 1996.

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