2017 Edition's Gabriel Khoury

Gabriel Khoury

Gabriel Khoury

  • Section :Long Narrative
  • Film Producer


    He has a strong educational background in Engineering and Business, with degrees earned from the American University in Beirut and University of Surrey, England. After several years working in his specialization, Khoury entered the world of film production in 1990. As Managing Director and producer in Misr International Films, (Youssef Chahine & Co), he has many critically acclaimed feature films and documentaries under his belt, for Youssef Chahine and many other directors like Yousry Nasrallah, Khaled El Hagar and Atef Hetata. Gabriel’s diverse experience has enriched his technical and artistic scope, resulting in a dynamic mix of entrepreneurial, cinematic and artistic talents. In the era of Egyptian multiplexes, he has played an instrumental role in luring back audiences who had given up on the cinema, reviving their passion to see films in movie theaters.

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