2017 Edition's Long Narrative

Her Broken Shadow

Her Broken Shadow

  • Section :Long Narrative
  • Country :Uganda
  • Production Year :2016
  • Runtime: 75 MIN

    Directed by: Dilman Dila

    Written by: Dilman Dila

    Cinematography by: Ali Musoke Goodman

    Edited by: Jonathan Ojok

    Cast: Esteri Tebandeke, Sanyu Kiyimba, Elizabeth Kirabo

    Print Source: dilmandila@gmail.com

    Synopsis: Two anthropophobic women are struggling to write novels. Adongo lives in East Africa in the near future while Apio lives in a spatial city in the distant future. They look so alike that one must be the other’s doppelganger: both are hermits, estranged from their two families and lonely.

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