2016 Edition's Mansour Sora Wade

Mansour Sora Wade

Mansour Sora Wade

  • Section :Long Narrative
  • Filmmaker


    Dakar-born Mansour Sora Wade studied in France at the University of Paris VIII, gaining a masters in cinematography before returning to Senegal, where he was head of the Ministry of Culture’s audiovisual archives from 1977 to
    1985. He started out as a director making shorts for television, as well as
    various documentaries and reports for the French channel TV5. In 2001, he directed his first full-length work, The Price of Forgiveness, an adaptation of a popular Senegalese novel  that  won  him  the  best  Debut  award at  the  12th Festival of African Cinema in Milan, as well as the Tanit d’Or at the Carthage Film  Festival  in  2002.  He  directed  his  second  full-length  work,  Fire  of Mansaré, in 2009.

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