2016 Edition



Section: Short Films

Country: South Africa

Production Year: 2015

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Director: Stephen Abbott

Screenwriters: Stephen Abbott, Eduan van Jaarsveldt

Cinematographer: Pierre de Villiers

Editor: Stanley M. Agnew

Cast: Chi Mhende, Carel Nel, Siv Ngesi

Print Source: stephen@stealthdonkey.com

Synopsis: Susan is a friendly waitress working double shifts at an everyday Cape Town restaurant, deftly serving gluttons and Wasps, hipsters and high-tippers, racists and lechers. With some effort, she maintains both wit and service in the face of obnoxious customers—until a lousy tip gets the better of her. Told from the perspective of a single turntable (aka lazy susan), this short mixes dark comedy and social commentary.