2016 Edition



Section: Short Films

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2015

Runtime: 28 Minutes

Director: Mohamed Hisham

Screenwriter: Gamal Salah

Cinematographers: Ashraf Almahrouky, Samo Rera

Editor: Mohamed Hisham

Cast: Mohamed Saleh, Rayes Nady, Ahmdany El-Nuby 

Print Contact: m.hisham@mohamedhisham.tv 

Synopsis: Young Nubian boy Konnaf tries to reach a rock in the middle of the Nile but first he needs to overcome his inability to swim. Throughout his journey, Konnaf is guided by Abraz, the old craftsman who takes him in a journey on the traditional boat known as Jareedy. Shot in Nubia for the first time in Nubian language.