2016 Edition



Section: Short Films

Country: Reunion

Production Year: 2015

Runtime: 26 Minutes

Director: Aurélia Mengin

Screenwriter: Aurélia Mengin

Cinematographer: Carryl Bertet

Editor: Bruno Gautier

Cast: Aurélia Mengin, Olivier Pages, Camille Bessière-Mithra 

Print Contact: mengin.lecreulx@free.fr

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, six survivors find refuge in the haven of a priest haunted by a divine voice. After he blessed the soup, the priest wanders the empty streets, hoping to find survivors. Among car wrecks, he finds Eve, a woman almost dead. Time stands still. Could Eve be here to stop the fall of man, and does her presence mean a new beginning of humanity? Meanwhile, stuck between life and death, Adam cries tears of blood. His heart remains chained to his significant other.