2016 Edition's Long Documentary

The Siren of Faso Fani

The Siren of Faso Fani

  • Section :Long Documentary
  • Country :Burkina Faso
  • Production Year :2015
  • Runtime: 90 Minutes

    Director: Michel K. Zongo

    Screenwriter: Michel Z. Kongo, Christophe Cognet

    Cinematographer: Michel K. Zongo

    Editor: Francois Sculier

    Print Contact: kmichelzongo@yahoo.fr

    Synopsis: Koudougou was considered the main textile city in Burkina Faso because of the presence of factory named Faso Fani. Whole city was living with the rhythm imposed by the factory - the siren of Faso Fani was the sign for everyone to get up in the morning. The Factory was the symbol of the independence and prosperity of the country, but it shut-down in 2001 threw hundreds out of work and entire city reeling. Ten years later the director meets the ex – workers to disclose the consequences of this economic and social catastrophy.

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