2016 Edition's Long Documentary

Rendala le Mikea

Rendala le Mikea

  • Section :Long Documentary
  • Country :Madagascar
  • Production Year :2015
  • Runtime: 62 Minutes

    Director: Alain Rakotoarisoa 

    Screenwriter: Alain Rakotoarisoa

    Cinematographer: Alain Rakotoarisoa

    Editor: Sophie Réthoré, Tom Cheau

    Print Contact: evalova@endemikafilms.com

    Synopsis: In the south-west of Madagascar lies a great dry forest. For centuries, the Mikeas lived there peacefully, out of hunting and food-gathering. For the sake of the forest, strongly encouraged by an environmental protection program, Rendala left his birth place and the rest of his community for the little village of Andravitsazo, a few kilometers away, attracted by the modern world and the promise of a brighter future. Five years later, he only found bitterness. Where is the water, medical center and school he had come for? What will he do next?

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