2016 Edition's Freedom Films

Vers la foret de nuages

Vers la foret de nuages

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :France/Cote d’Ivoire
  • Production Year :2015
  • Runtime: 60 Minutes

    Director: Robin Hunzinger

    Screenwriter: Robin Hunzinger

    Cinematographer: Gabriel Goubet, Robin Hunzinger

    Editor: Jeanne Moutard, Cathie Dambel

    Print Contact: Dorothee.simon&@real-productions.net 

    Synopsis: Timothy, 8-years old boy is about to start a journey to Africa with his Mom, Aya. Despite  the war in Cote d’Ivoire Aya decides to visit the grave of her father and reunite with family. Black Continent is for him a mystical place full of magic and elephants. This journey will be an opportunity for Tim and Aya to experience the membership and alienation in the country of their ancestors.

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