2016 Edition's Freedom Films

Sac la mort

Sac la mort

  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :France
  • Production Year :2015
  • Runtime: 75 Minutes

    Director: Emmanuel Parraud

    Screenwriter: Emmanuel Parraud 

    Cinematographer: Benjamin Echazaretta

    Editor: Gregoire Pontecaille

    Cast: Patrice Planesse, Charles-Henri Lamonge, Nagibe Chader, Didier Ibao

    Print Contact: lou.jomaron@lafabrique-phantom.org

    Synopsis: A friend announces to him the impending visit of the police. When he leaves home, he is attacked by a neighbor armed with a machete. The latter tells him in great confusion he beheaded his brother and asked forgiveness for his crime. At nightfall, the police took him to recognize his brother's head. Back home his mother tells him, with a knife, that he has been assigned the mission to wash the family's honor in the blood.

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