2016 Edition's Freedom Films



  • Section :Freedom Films
  • Country :Spain - Ethiopia
  • Production Year :2015
  • Runtime: 68 Minutes

    Director: Miguel LLanso

    Screenwriter: Muguel LLanso

    Cinematographer: Israel Seone

    Editor: Velasco Broca

    Cast: Daniel Tadesse, Selam Tesfaye.

    Print Contact: miguel@lanzaderafilms.com

    Synopsis: Tired of picking up the crumbs of gone-by civilizations, Candy dreams his life away when not living in a state of perpetual fear. When the spaceship in the sky begins to turn on and after a series of freak incidents, our miniature-sized hero will be forced to embark on a surreal epic journey that will lead him through the post-apocalyptic Ethiopian landscape as he confronts himself, his fears and witches, Santa Claus and second generation Nazis: only to discover that was he had long believed is not what he expected.

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